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Naya Chemicals



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This product is an easy-to-handle liquid designed for use in fuel systems where problems exist in both the storage tank and at fireside. It reduces the viscosity of residual fuel oils and has a fluidizing effect at all temperatures, which provides more uniform and faster pumping. Sludge that typically clogs fuel strainers, nozzles, preheaters and lines is dispersed throughout the fuel. This product makes the organic/inorganic deposits in the fuel system and at the burners more friable.

This product forms a protective film on internal surfaces of storage tanks and piping to reduce corrosion and deposit build-up. It combines an effective combustion catalyst system, emulsifying agents and solvents that protect boiler tubes and refractory brickwork by deactivating the vanadium oxides and sodium salts.

Treated fuel oil burns cleaner and more completely thereby reducing emission problems associated with particulates, sulfur dioxide and sulfur trioxide. It provides superior protection against cold-end stack corrosion.

 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm
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